Introducing the instax mini 9!

You may have heard already, we have a new addition to the instax mini family.

That's right, it’s the Instax mini 9!

The new mini 9 is different for a few reasons!
Firstly, it has a selfie mirror (like on the instax mini 70) so you can snap flawless selfies with you friends and print them in an instant!

There's also an attachable close-up lens -  and a high-key mode, so you can take pictures with a softer, dreamy vibe (it works by minimising shadows in a pic!)

All this in one super cool wee camera!

But perhaps more importantly, the camera comes in a bunch of funky colours. Aw yeahhhh.

Here’s the rainbow of shades to pick from:

Cobalt Blue, Ice Blue, Flamingo Pink, Lime Green and Smoky White! 

Which colour would you choose?
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